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About Derek

Derek Kitts is more than just a candidate for Supervisor for District B. He is a devoted husband, father, a proud combat veteran, a successful entrepreneur, and a former middle school coach who mentored young athletes. Derek has deep roots in Montgomery County, where he lives with his wife of 24 years. He knows the values and needs of this community because he shares them.

"Derek knows the values and needs of this community

because he shares them"

Our Mission

Derek served his country with honor and distinction in the US Army for over 24 years, where he faced some of the most difficult and dangerous situations imaginable. With multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan he learned what it means to lead with courage, integrity, and resilience. He also understands what it means to sacrifice for a greater cause. He has been awarded the Bronze Star twice and is a recipient of the Purple Heart, all in the defense of American Freedom.


Derek wants to continue serving his community as a Supervisor for District B. He understands the issues that matter to the people of Montgomery County, such as wildly fluctuating property taxes, education, economic development, and public safety. He believes in working together with all stakeholders to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Derek has the leadership skills, the service mindset, and the passion to make a difference in Montgomery County. He is ready to listen, ready to act, and ready to deliver results

for the voters.

Derek has prepared himself for service with a lifetime of service.

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